Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ted Dardzinski is NOT an ATC

Watched CNN's story about Project Walk (www.projectwalk.org) last night on Anderson Cooper. Sanjay Gupta made a statement that "Trainers" do not have a background in rehabilitation and questioned the value of such a program. Ted is NOT certified by the National Athletic Trainer's Association. Apparently he attended the "Egoscue University" (http://www.egoscueuniversity.com/)-not a real university.


ABPrints said...

Is there a link to this story?

Joe Przytula said...


2nd story down.

GMG said...

Apparently Ted graduate from Trenton State College in NJ with a Physical Education Degree (see ProjectWalk website: http://www.projectwalk.org/center/board_directors.htm

I think the biggest problem here is the misuse of the term 'trainer' by AC (am i'm generally a big AC fan). Perhaps we can help our cause by contacting him and sharing our education/experience as it could also potentially help inform all the viewers who ranted about how 'trainer's' could potential hurt these patients because they aren't qualified to help these SCI patients on the live blog.

JH said...


In California their is no "title protection" for Athletic Trainers. THis is how Todd Durkin can also call himself an Athletic Trainer. Anybody in California can call themselves an Athletic Trainer. The ATs in Cali need to seek legislation to have title protection in their state.

I learned this when NC tried to make me register with the state when I was working on a federal installation.

JH said...

IF anything it looks like the APTA could go after them for performing physical therapy. I worked in a rehab hospital in KY, Cardinal Hill Rehab hospital, and the things I"m seeing in the picture is what we did at this rehab hospital. I wonder what conditions they are tereating, Gillian Barre? or Just traumatic spinal cord injuries?

Joe Przytula said...

Gov Schwarznegger feels that registering A.T.'s is "over regulating". It was very weird here in NJ up until 2 years ago. You couldn't work in the private sector in ANY capacity and call yourself an ATC. Not even doing personal training in a gym. I'm really impressed with all that the ATSNJ leadership has accomplished- it has been an inch by inch battle that has gone on over 30 years.