Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Clarification on Hamstring Exercise Explanation

Pete Koeniges asks:
Joe, I like the exercise and understand about neural glide. I don't understand your statement "specific to how the muscle is used in forward running". I think of the hamstrings as a hip extensor in forward running, where foot contact occurs with the foot below the pelvis. In this exercise, the lead foot is obviously ahead of the pelvis. So, in my understanding, it's not specific to how the muscle is used in running."

Thanks for the question Pete- I was not specific enough. In the exercise I'm working on the first "transformational zone" as Gary Gray refers to it. That is, the hamstrings function with the leg out in front of the body. Here the HS's are decelerating hip flexion and actually acting as a knee extensor with the quads. That's when most hamstring strains occur; and the exercise attempts to freeze that moment in time.

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