Monday, May 24, 2010

Groin Injury Update

Coach Martin's "injured" athlete wins the 800 then comes back to help his team win the 1600 relay in the NJ state sectional championships this past weekend. His team finishes 2nd overall; Elizabeth 14th. I think I will turn this blog over to him.

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Jack Martin said...

I'm simply thankful that you answer my questions and concerns with such detailed responses. If you need ideas for blogs, I'll start firing away some issues that affect my own aging body and you can broaden the blog to also include us post high school athletes. By the way as I have just returned to running on the road after knee surgery, I am getting some post run pain. Do you think it's the meniscus part or the shaving the athritis from my femur part of the surgery that is the root of the pain? Finally, Jon also grabbed a second in the open 400. Thanks again for your advice; we'll do some rehab today. Martin