Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Give me a break Jack

Look coach Martin, stop being so modest.

Like your kid with the groin strain really ran a sub 2 minute 800m split because a kid lent him some tiger balm or something.

Truth is you create competitors, not kids who just run fast.


Jack Martin said...

My real question was about Red Hot.
I have not seen that in a long time and was wondering what your take onits effectiveness was. Thanks for the props. Martin

Joe Przytula said...

Don't use it. Maybe it was the coach's own private stock. I keep biofreeze around only because I occasionly use it with ultrasound. I'm been trying to push more self recovery/restoration stuff like self myofasical release, stretch out straps, massage stick etc. ART fits in well too.

Jack Martin said...

How about some tips to target groin area and a recent onset of cramping? Thanks. jack