Thursday, July 16, 2009

Windin' up da butt

I'm suprised no one called me out on a good exercise for training the glutes in gait/running. Here is a good exercise to train the posterior oblique sling system in a manner that is functionally consistent with running.

R SLB, LLE anterior/posterior pivot reach @ankle height c/ toe touch;
BUE anterior @shoulder height R/L rotational reaches out-of-sync c/ pelvis.

The R knee flexion/extension are a chain reaction from the LLE motion, NOT a single leg squat. Yeah, some balance is involved so there is a learning curve here. However, once you get the hang of it try to go as quickly as possible with good form.


jbeyle said...

Great idea. Nice to see you working poolside! Hope you are enjoying the summer. Sometimes it is hard to remember that we have a life outside of school.
Thanks for a great blog and the PE perspective.
Jon Beyle
Chapel Hill, NC

JH said...


The LLE is going from anterior to posterior via the saggital plane right? What would you think about going from anterior to posterior via the transverse plane?


Joe Przytula said...

Drive it in the TP bottom up & top down-that's fine. I wanted to stay consistant with the sling system as described by Porterfield/DeRosa, Vleeming. But if you decided through your evaluation the glute's TP needed more emphasis, that would be a great tweak.

Brian said...

If I'm understanding the pics correctly, trunk rotation is occurring from the top pic to bottom pic. Thus I would think there's a transverse plane moment through the knee anyway....? Emphasizing the trunk rotation would encourage more Glute Max activity, perhaps. Just holding a toe touch position with one leg in a toe off position and the contralateral limb in any position from heel strike to midstance can be difficult drivers or no drivers....Cool exercise Joe with lots of progression before it and some beyond it...! Lots to think about....Gracias!