Thursday, July 30, 2009

Promenades sous la peau

Or, "Strolling beneath the Skin". I would like my readers to google image "biotensegrity" & "tensegrity" and look at the structures. Then go to Dr. Stephen Levin's (Ezekiel Biomechanics Group) biotensegrity blog. If you you scroll to the bottom of the page, he gives a preview of French hand surgeon J.C. Guimberteau's fascia DVD.

You really begin to appreciate the similarities, & how fascia links the body together as system. Manual therapists bring up an interesting point- that the human body's center of gravity doesn't really pass through the spine, but rather through the gut. We begin to see how soft tissue can influence structure. It creates new possibilities for us. For instance, we can understand how we need the entire body working correctly to prevent lower leg stress fx, not just strong legs.

It is the essense of what "core" is all about.

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