Monday, June 1, 2009

Marty's Response

"My take on anterior innominate dysfunctions is that they are usually hypermobilities that arise secondary to restricted hip and/or trunk extension, or due to weakness/inability to load the abs and glut max. Your exercise seems to load the abs by extending the hip and trunk, so it sounds good to me. I would also consider using bilateral UE drivers to drive the trunk even further and progressing to a lunge pivot, moving between hip and trunk extension for abs and hip and trunk flexion for back and butt. Similar thinking for upslips (FP dysfunctions) and torsions (TP dysfunctions)."

...hey Jonathon- didn't consider the BUE drivers. Good call. I'm jealous.

Our next question. Notice Marty recommends an anterior pivot lunge combo, perhaps using our BUE drivers anterior this time. Anyone take a guess why?

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JH said...

Does it have anything to do with the coordination of speed between the left and right pelvis?

If not then I give up.