Saturday, June 13, 2009

GAIN '09

I'm really getting psyched- this time next week I'll be down in Fla knee deep in function with G-Unit. No, not the 50-cent one; but Vern & his crew.

I'll be leading the group in a smorgy workout, then giving a long talk on core training. Preparing for this has been an interesting experience. In attendance will be Dr. Dan Cipriani, biomechanics professor at San Diego State. He is the acid test as to whether I'm track or not. But I've really done my homework and certain I'm solid ground. I'll be looking forward to sharing my ideas with my blog readers in the coming weeks to get your input.

I finish at the end of the week with injury prevention concepts for the throwing athlete. Wish me luck.


Keith said...

Joe, I appreciate all your high end work tailored for the high school setting. Have a great week cant wait to hear about it. I enjoy both your blog and that of vern!

Keith Murtha

Juan Ruiz-Tagle said...

Good luck with everything!!!!!