Friday, June 26, 2009

Great Experience

Just returned from GAIN '09 with my head swimming full of new ideas. My contribution was "reactive core". My goal was to scientifically challenge traditionally accepted models of core stability & simplify core training. I will clarify this in a series of upcoming posts.
I also led a heavily Mabel Todd ("the thinking body") influenced Smorgy workout; & finally applied reactive core to thrower/swimmer rehab.
I don't think Vern planned it that way (or maybe he did...), but all the presentations seemed to mesh into one another & build upon one another. Biomechanics professor Dan Cipriani started us off with his functional anatomy lecture, leading into John Perry's "propriability" lecture & workout. By the time it got to me I was worried there wasn't going to be anything to talk about!
I picked up some great shoulder rehab tips from Steve Myrland, LE tidbits from Bill Knowles. Jack Blatherwick got our BS detectors fine tuned regarding research interpretation. Ed Ryan updated us on some cool new products for edema reduction. Jim Radcliffe, strength coach at Oregon, is in a class all by himself.
It was great to see Kevin Moody again; I haven't seen him since my days at the Lake Placid OTC 12 years ago! I finally got to meet Tracy Fober, the Iron Maven herself. Oh yeah- she has this incredible secret she cannot share with anyone!
There is a LOT more, I will get to it in coming posts.


The Iron Maven said...

Bada bing! Did some of the hip/shoulder stuff and lunge progressions with my tight-hipped v-ball kid today. Noticed a difference. He will be heading to Nationals next Sat with some better warm up prep and mobility.

Thanks, P. Eres estupendo, mi amigo!

Kevin Moody said...

I attended the Gain '09 after passing on it in 2008. It was a fantastic experience with a tremendous faculty. Joe's presentations were great, he will stimulate you to think.

The course content was great and I am on information overload. This symposium is something I definitely recommend to anyone interested in the Athletic Development field.

High fives to Joe, and Tracy - can't wait until your secret becomes public.