Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Please Read this article & comment

I just read an article from a very well respected journal by a very well respected pro sports S & C coach. I was very sceptical, to the point I thought the guy was either trying to distract us from his real training program he didn't want published, or someone ghost wrote it for him. After reading this SI article, maybe he was really being genuine, and serious reform is in order.


JH said...

THis is the kind of thing Vern talks about all the time. Maybe the message is taking form.

Joe Przytula said...

I'm just wondering how much control these NFL S&C coaches have over what goes on. Most of the top dogs have their own private coaches, which makes continuity a real problem. Also has brought drugs to professional sport. Lawrence Taylor spoke at our high school years ago. Right in front of our football team he said he hadn't done ANY serious strength training since he was in his 20's. I guess a S&C coach could lose his job if he starts telling a guy like LT what to do.

JH said...

Very true.
I know Todd Durkin has trained the likes of Ladanian THompson and Drew Brees. He goes pretty intense with them. IT does make you ask the question why do they feel they need to seek out their own S&C?

Went to a S&C seminar a few years back and the S&C for the buffalo bills gave us his outline for training. 1. They were all on the same program. 2. They were running long distances for cardio.
NOw I know I'm not the brightest guy but why would you train an athlete who needs to be explosive like a long distance runner? It doesn't make sense.

Aaron said...

I am in Australia, so excuse me for some ignorance of the pre-season set up, but I find it amazing that professional athletes (especially getting paid that much money!) can have an 'optional' conditioning period! Our footballers (from different codes) have a mandatory average 8 weeks of leave post season, then the entire squad starts the pre-season program, with the first 6-8 weeks very much focussed on S&C work in prep for phasing into specific skill/tactical development of the group. I am staggered that one of my athletes could be working out with someone else, and I be blamed for an injury profile I had nothing to do with. I am sure there are S&C blockheads looking after some pro programs, but this 'optional' pre-season program stands out as a major issue for me,