Monday, April 20, 2009

Gracilis top down

Here's the gracilis integrated core I'm using. I'm staying consistant with gait by having the pelvis rotating R at gound contact, then rotating left at midstance. The idea being the pelvis going too deep into left anterior rotation, R frontal plane rotation, & R transverse plane rotation. Sequencing the core to correct it.

If you chose another sequence, it doesn't mean that you were wrong. Kevin's idea of LLE balance BUE med ball chops is not a bad idea. After all, it's doubtful the pelvis was only unstable in the above mentioned planes.


JH said...


It's his left leg right? It looks like this movement treats the gracilis as an accelerator of the pelvis. What athletic stuations would we need to train the gracilis to be a decelerator? Just wondering.


Joe Przytula said...

I see where you're coming from, but with the leg in front of the body, the way I see it, the gracilis may indeed be working eccentrically at the knee, concentrically at the pelvis. You got me thinking now.

toughern said...

Hello to all,
I find it difficult to distinguish an injury on the inside of the leg. I thought first of all it was the Gracilis, then I examined my leg again and thought "no it is more likely to be the Adductor Magnus. Just about the belly of the AG it is tender and also behind the medial part of the knee.
I got this in the shot put glide.
I have tried the usual RICE the light exercises/stretching. After a week I tried it out this morning, standing put all right then I tried a timid glide and I felt it again so I stopped. Would be glad of your help.
Ernest Tuff