Tuesday, April 28, 2009

642 Wins!

Congratulations to our baseball coach, Ray Korn! Yesterday he became Union County NJ's winningest baseball coach in history. The Minutemen had to come from behind to defeat our next door neighbor & rival Union high school. Coach is retiring this year, but I'm sure he will be involved with the sport one way or the other for a while yet.
One thing I will miss is his quirky comments. Like when when the ball would keep popping out of one of our infielder's mitt before he would recover & throw it. Coach asked him if it was a glove, or a toaster on his hand.

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RayHankins said...

Congrats, Coach! Coach Korn has really meant a lot to the men he helped mold into adults.

My story is that I met Coach for the first time while about 9 or 10 years old and playing in St. Joseph's little league in Roselle, New Jersey. I was a young kid watching practice while he coached Roselle Catholic...he invited me on the field and had me play catch with John Macnamara who was a great catcher.

I played catcher and pitched in those days....fast forward and I play for him my Junior and Senior year and I remember when we won the 1983 State Championship...he really molded that team and made us close on/off the field and kept us going in the right direction game to game...it was an unbelieveable experience!

Coach always showed class, wisdom and pride about being part of the team and complete dedicaton to his players. All the instruction, preparation, made us successful. Those skills transferred for me into a successful career as a public servant. I thank you coach for always having time for me and the young men who walked by a practice or became one of your players!

Raymond Hankins