Monday, April 27, 2009

FMR Setup

This is a functional manual reaction setup for left midtarsal joint mobilization. The calcaneus is everted on a BAPS, the forefoot is inverted on a slant board. Here we're over exaggerating the natural motion of the FRONT foot in gait & running. The pelvis is rotated right; the knee is internally rotated; with the left shoulder rotating left. The athlete rhythmically shifts weight from the right foot to the left.
I can use this as a self mobilization, or I can get my hands down on the MTJ for a little over pressure. It's very easy now because I have gravity, momentum, & the ground assisting me in a functionally consistent manner. I'll begin with table mobes/manipulation, but switch over to weight bearing mobes as soon as the athlete can tolerate it. This athlete is doing well. We're now 9 days post gr.2 inv. ankle sprain & I've begun BLE 3D mini jumps.
Obviously as you can see in the picture we've got some regional interdependence issues that probably wouldn't be addressed in traditional physical therapy but that can be easily integrated into an athletic training rehab session.

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