Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Getting Political

No matter how you feel about the latest U.S. election, there is one thing you can't deny: The high school athletic trainer as part of the solution to the health care crisis. If my Sportsware injury tracking query is correct, last year I treated over 700 injuries myself. Not to mention the thousands of rehab sessions, or the injuries that I helped to prevent. I encourage every high school A.T. to do an end of the year report and present it to your school A.D., principal, and school board. The tax payers need to be aware of the quality, low cost health care we provide to our athletes every day. Whether you voted for McCain or Obama, you have to appreciate that.


Muscles said...

I just did a count of my 197 or so athletes from last year and found I treated 82 injuries myself. I am sure you are at a larger school, but could you also address the number of athletes you treated? My statistics do not include a kid who comes for an ice pack because they have a sore muscle. My qualifying objective for what is or isn't an injury is whether the injury will impact the degree at which they can participate. Obviously, based on that my numbers could have soared if I recorded every bump and bruise as a qualifying injury. I generate end of season reports that are given to my AD, Headmaster, and Division Heads for review. They are a great justification for our roles in Schools as healthcare providers.

Joe Przytula said...

We are an inner city school, so we receive a lot of state aide. Every program is under the microscope. In past years, my job has even been reduced to part time (even though we are the biggest district in NJ). So, yes I absolutely DO record every bump & bruise, every bandaid I hand out. When I say I work in the trenches, I mean it. Every ice pack or roll of tape must be justified, good record keeping is an easy way to justify your budget. You have to play good defense over here. Part of record keeping is job preservation. That being said, never forget a shrugged off contusion could cause a myofascial dysfunction that manifests itself somewhere elese. If not for good record keeping it may not be picked up.