Tuesday, November 25, 2008

FMR Certification

This past weekend I was in Chicago as part of the Functional Manual Reaction certification process. It is a mobilization with movement approach similar to Mulligan, but is consistent with chain reaction biomechanics. It was good to see and work with Pat Donovan, an ATC at U. Illinois @ Chicago. Like myself, he is a "traditional" ATC. I was constantly running back to him asking, "hey Pat, what do you think of this", or "hey Pat, do you think that would work with this?" I must have sounded like Louie the lizard from the old budwiser commercials. It becomes clear that the ATC has a window of opportunity to prevent future movement dysfunction that other professions are not privy to. While the two professions are similar, they are definately not redundent.

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Brian said...

I enjoy your posts that include these techniques as they empower the patient with an active role...enjoy your posts! Happy Thanksgiving