Monday, May 16, 2011

Flexion/Rotation Test for C0-C1 ROM

With the C-spine in axial extension (aka retraction, posterior chin glide), the athlete's chin is passively flexed, then rotated.  Normal ROM would be between 30-35 degrees.  At that point you'll feel an abrupt change in the quality of movement.  That's where the motion reaches C2.  If you look at the athlete's eye brows you can see there is a restriction.  This is fairly common in combative & collision sports.


KP said...

Does the young man have access to a DO or chiropractor who could do some manipulation to free up any joint issues before you started addressing the soft tissue problems?

Joe Przytula said...

Mulligans, FMR and MET have served me well in the past. They are gentle, safe, and the worse that can happen is you do it incorrectly and it doesn't work. I wish I had a support network, but they require good health insurance which is a luxury around here.