Wednesday, May 4, 2011


From the May '11 JOSPT:  Effects of Kinesio Tape Compared With Nonelastic Sports Tape and the Untaped Ankle During a Sudden Inversion Perturbation in Male Athletes, Briem et al.

" Kinesio Tape had no significant effect on mean or maximum muscle activity compared to the no-tape condition. Neither stability level nor taping condition had a significant effect on the amount of time from perturbation to maximum activity of the fibularis longus muscle"

Fascia practitioners are crazy about this stuff, but I don't know.

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drcieslak said...

I agree Joe. I use Kinesiotape, but more because I think it has a unique placebo effect on athletes. In fact, the more wild the color, the better it works!! Again, just one more tool in the toolbox, even if it really does not work the way the manufacturers report that it does...