Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Getting back inside the envelope

This athlete is returning to softball from a sprained right knee.  I didn't like the way her single leg hop looked- too much valgus.  I could get that knee back into the envelope of function by removing the exercise or doing mini jumps on two feet.  What I chose was to continue single leg training, but modify the same exercise.  The athlete is doing the single leg hop up a 30 degree incline, with no more knee valgus.  Handicap ramps typically found around schools are perfect for this purpose.


JH said...

So why did it go away? Because of increased dorsiflexion? C.O.M.? etc??

Joe Przytula said...

Note to my readers: JH actually knows the answers to the questions he asks. It is a polite way of him asking me to clarify my post better.

...similar to jumping up onto a box as opposed to jumping down. Cheats gravity a bit...and jumping down the decline would be more difficult than flat ground.

Keep an eye on the toes. If they point medially during the hops it is a sign its too outside the box for them. Downsize appropriately.