Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Poor, good for nothing quads

I was just reading Vern's leg circuit post, followed by an article by a noted ACL injury researcher.  The ACL article spoke of girls using a faulty quadricep dominent movement pattern, with the need to "teach them to activate their glutes & hamstrings more.  Interesting, the recent strength coach roundtable I recently mentioned pointed to the same, but in all athletes.  I wonder what running, cutting, and landing mechanics would like if the researchers injected a nerve block into the femoral nerve?  Do these athletes need to be taught to fire their "posterior chain" better, or is this pattern a result of a poor leg strength foundation/progression?

Listen, do yourself a favor and save Vern's post to your hard drive:


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The Iron Maven said...

Bravo, Joe! Love it. Yes, your quads are no-good for nuttin' I guess.

The hip and hammies don't stand a chance if the knee, ankle and foot don't coordinate correctly with them to attenuate and produce force. Why have people forgotten that the LE is more than just a pair of glutes?