Thursday, December 2, 2010

Functional Training= Purposeful training

This is part of the on ground sequence I used today for my  left "high" ankle sprain re-abilitation program.  Whenever you choose to go to the ground you have to keep in mind you are in a gravity confused environment.  So, the therapist needs to be certain they are getting something from the ground they can't get from upright function.  In this case I'm using contralateral lower extremity drivers to mobilize the affected ankle; because the athlete is not ready for full weight bearing.  I'm doing something that will enhance upright function and prevent soft tissue dysfunction.

Be wary of the mindless application of on ground function- it is rampant.


Brian Green said...

You're getting ER of the tibia when the contraleral limb crosses mid line anteriorly? Prob swing those mats around and the contralateral limb could cross midline posteriorly giving IR of tibia(making the limb unlock into pronation). By rythmically alternating that movement you're locking and unlocking the limb which is required for deceleration and acceleration....?????
Real cool Joe..! Prob use this type of set up for lots of LE injuries? Please expand on your last mean people are wanting to do WBing to early?

Joe Przytula said...

...2 different exercises. The first is sagittal plane; 2nd he's sneaking his RL beneath the left, then crossing over the top as the hips remain elevated. I describe it and others in my book, if it ever gets out.

I was commenting on the misuse of floor work, especially for core work.

Brian Green said...

Well if I can pay for a copy I would do that...I'm sure our good Dr. Coughlan would buy one too. But maybe not he's a bit of lab rat and less of a clinician!