Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This is Pat Fisher, an NFL hall of fame defensive  back for the Washington Redskins back in the '70s.  He is 5'8" tall, and 170 lbs was the most he ever weighed.  The greatest tackler I've ever seen; had no problem bringing down the biggest guys in the league and I don't recall him ever being injured.  Sure there were guys who hit harder.  They are either dead or seriously incapacitated.

Someone who new I was a big fan sent me a recent picture of him surrounded by Hooters girls signing autographs.  You go Pat.


Joseph said...

Joe we have an athlete who plays all out all the time yet he keeps dropping his head, the coaches and us the Athletic trainers keep trying to remind him not to do it, but he just blows us off. any suggestions to help prevent this kid from suffer the same fate as the kid at Rutgers

Kev said...

@ Joseph: my suggestion is to show him the Rutgers player video of the hit then a follow up article. Lastest news is he is quadraplegic and on a ventilator.

Joe Przytula said...

It's tough when you have all the goof balls in the NFL setting the staus quo. Seems to be more about entertainment than performance. I still say the greatest advances in head/neck injury prevention will come from rule changes, not from equipment improvements.