Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Don't throw like a girl! Don't land like a girl either?

With all the great ACL prevention programs out there, why are these injuries not going away?  Kinesiologist Scott McLean is going to make you think:


The Iron Maven said...

Show us the data that say these girls are actually getting doing these programs? Maybe they don't work because in reality, they arent' really doing them. And they aren't really long enough and comprehensive enough to elicit true strength / movement pattern changes. It is my opinion and observation that the vast majority of young women are still not given the time and opportunity to get strong and let their body catch up to their sport demand. They are too busy playing to train.

Joe Przytula said...

Well said Maven. I think what the author was getting at is that long term athletic development, beginning in the elementary schools, is being substituted with these quick fix 6-8 week protocols that are done and forgotten. What I think is implied is YOU with your unique background in P.T. & the sport of weight lifting should be leading this, not orthopedists.