Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wait and see?

Sorry I haven't been posting.  Pre season football is at critical mass.  Enjoy this article brought to my attention by fellow GAINer Sal Marinello.  It concerns delayed ACL reconstruction.


drcieslak said...

You have already started FB camp? We do not start until Monday (thank heavens!)Have fun...!


Jack Martin said...

On another note we used the jump rope drill at camp-it worked very well. I made some of my own. We will begin using it regularly in Blue Devil Country. Thanks. Jack

Joe Przytula said...

Jack- Still looking for a good rope. Using a beaded one but I'm feeling a bit of a drag from the rope stretching on the handles. It's fine for me; but I'm thinking it can be a limiting factor as an athlete gets proficient at it. I'm going to try one of Buddy Lee's ropes and I'll let you know how it holds up.