Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Soft Tissue Influences Structure

As I've posted before, the Italian Spine Institute ( is doing some very cool work with scoliosis.

Here's some new research from Italy's neighbors the Swiss published in the August issue of the "Journal of Sport Rehabilitation"- Paraspinal Muscle Activity During Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Weight Training in Idiopathic Scoliosis.  What was special about this study was the simplicity of the application of exercises.  They chose 4 common weight room exercises:  front press, lat pull-down, roman chair,and bent-over barbell row to influence the muscles on the concave sides of the curves.  By altering the sequence of the exercises they successfully targeted the traditionally flaccid muscles on the concave sides of the S-curve in the T-spine and L-spine.  The lesson to be learned here it's more than just the exercise itself.  Simple variations like using different size dumbbells, changing your vector, the speed, the range etc. can all have a profound effect on your results.  There is no one size fits all; the ATC needs to think on their feet.

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Brian Green said...

And to take it that to the functional level that means weight training using this study's example needs to be performed at speeds and vectors that replicate game/task specific patterns. Therefore, the body is under loads that can improve function, performance, and perhaps prevent injury.