Saturday, August 21, 2010

Any Bryan Ferry fans?

New album out this October


The Iron Maven said...

Avalon was played at our wedding party as the final song of the night. Roxy Music will always remind me of when I first met the AD.

Jack Martin said...

Joe, Off subject again but our #1 runner has quadriceps tendinitis-a clear traing error. He undertrained during July and tried to catch up before camp. Any advice to keep him active and get him ready for the season. I gave him exercises my pt gave me during post knee surgery recovery. They worked for me. The team is good this year and he is the leader. I do not want to rush him.
Any help is appreciated. Jack
PS Fire's son is going to volunteer with us this season.

Joe Przytula said...

Quad tendinitis; not patellar tendinitis?

Jack Martin said...

Quad is our take-nothing confirmed.
I have had both and his pain is on lateral side. What do you think/

Kev said...

Listened to a lot of Ferry and Roxy Music back in college (80's). Reminds me of a long lost girl friend.

Joe Przytula said...

...just where DO ex girlfriends go Kev?!

Jack- Can your athlete see Doc Bonsall for a little ART and some Graston? A little soft tissue work will help.

"Tweak out" the quads for a bit by increasing butt/hamstring activity by using a double hand reach below the knee during your lunges. If the lunges still hurt, try doing the hand reaches in a stride stance instead with the affected leg forward. Another trick is to have him lunge/stride stance onto a low box to minimize the degree of knee bend and increase the degree of hip flexion

Jack Martin said...

Thanks, Joe. I'm on it. I'll have to fabricate a box or have little "Fire" bring one over to practice. Jack