Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sometimes it's what you DON'T say

Going through the February JOSPT. The issue is dedicated to the hip. Lots of cool stuff on biomechanics & implications for rehab. The editorial that opens up the issue asks, "LE injury- its it just about hip strength?" The author knows like music, sometimes its what in between the notes that really makes the difference. I'm going through the hamstring rehab article right now; which is heavy on rehab based on the location of the lesion. One of the authors is Marc Sherry, who has done some cool research on the topic in the past. One of the claims he makes is that most of the running stains involve the bicep femoris muscle. Do you guys find that to be the case in your athletes?

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JH said...

Don't know, 3 years of VB, 2 years WBB and 1 year MBB we didn't have a hamstring strain.