Monday, February 1, 2010

Aquatic Rehab the right way

This athlete is performing a same side rotational single leg squat. He's standing on a 6" submersible box to allow more knee flexion. He's beginning at about 40% bodyweight & is at 20% at maximum flexion. I gladly give up a TR for our pool. Unfortunately the way our high school is set up now, not all of our athletes can take advantage of it. But it is my post acute modality of choice for LE injuries when the situation permits. If the athlete cannot do full weight bearing without an antalgic gait, they are in the pool. I know there are functional purists who feel the aquatic environment is gravity confused for land sports, but if I spent a few hours with them I bet I could change their mind. I know there are clinics, high schools, & universities out there who have their own pools-sometimes built in to the TR. Comments?

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