Thursday, February 4, 2010

Is all our supposed digital progress a zero sum gain?

Vern asks this question in his last blog post. Of course it's important for A.T.'s to embrace current technology. But are you getting the most bang for your buck?

In my opinion, it's the 3D computerized cinematography stuff (like Dartfish) that gives us a picture of what the body is doing real time. Allows us to measure which was previously impossible. I don't own this type of equipment, & wouldn't have the time to use it if I did. But, the journals are full of this stuff now & provides us with plenty of practical applications.

IMPACT concussion testing software is another great tool. And I love my SPORTSWARE injury tracking software.

What's your opinion? What technology out there do you feel benefits the high school ATC, & which has led to dead end roads?


JH said...

As the saying goes, "Necessity is the mother of invention." This was never truer than, you guessed it, when I worked for the USMC. The only ___________WARE I had access to was underWARE. (Sorry bad joke). I didn’t have estim, ultrasound, whirlpools, lasers, tape, I had nothing but my hands and my brain and my staff which was cut from 11 to 5. I also inherited 3 sites from 1 site. As a result, my staff and I were able to take the RTFD (return to full duty) rate from 24% to 52% in 4 years saving the USMC over $58 million dollars. Why do I say all of this? Because we were able to double our productivity with half the staff and few tools. How? It all started when I went to a Gary Gray Functional course in Raleigh, NC. From that point on I learned about how to assist the body in healing using hands on techniques and movement. So in my opinion I had been handcuffed all those years to the estim/US machines as well as the other tools. I would like to think that if you give me a person and the ground I could help them improve if not fix them.

That's why I like Joe's blog, it helps me to stay outside the box when it's so easy to fall back into it.

Kev said...

JH reminds me of a saying I like to call my own (but may well have been said in different forms by many before me): it's not what you do to the body but what you make the body do that gets athletes better.

ABPrints said...

Modality wise, we do have EStim and US, and after a little lull of not using them at all, I have started to use them a bit more. I'd rather use hands on, but time is getting hard to find. As for computer programs, Sportsware is a necessity IMO, makes end of the year reports very easy.

The only other computer program I use is VHI for home programs. Much better than me drawing stick figures.

Joe Przytula said...

ABPrints- That's kind of the same way I use modalities, in the very early stages when you're trying to "calm things down" or "buy you some time" sort of speak. Nothing wrong with that.

Right Kev- Empower the athlete.

JH- Very good point about the cost effectiveness of the functional approach; especially in this economy. I brought this point up on this blog before- why wouldn't every clinic want to have an AT on it's staff?

Another question to the group- Anyone out there own a true stretch? I like the concept, but you have to be as tall as G2 to fit in one. Even if you build the plinth up, you still need long arms to reach the bars.

JH said...

We had a true stretch at Camp Lejeune. I used it mostly for ankle and hip mobilizations and no so much for stretching. I have since used the concepts of the true stretch but using other items such as bleachers, fences, etc to do the same things.

Kevin Moody said...

We use the ImPACT program at the 3 public high schools and one prep school that we cover. It provides objective information in addition to our clinical assessment and subjective feedback from the athlete. Our clinic is in the process of developing a comprehensive concussion management program that we will present to our annual coaches clinic in June. Once completed, I'll pass it on for your review.

JH said...


How much snow did you get?

Joe Przytula said...

JH- 14" this past weekend plus another 10 coming down right now.

YOU use bleachers as a white trash true stretch too!

Kevin M- IMPACT is our silent witness. What do you think the chances are Tim Tebow passed his before he went back to play two weeks post Grade 3 concussion?

JH said...


Stay safe in the snow! Maybe you will be able to come up with a functional exercise like a snow shovel matrix.