Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Curves & Korn

A Biomechanical Comparison of the Fastball and Curveball in Adolescent Baseball Pitchers
Carl W. Nissen, MD*, Melany Westwell, MS, PT, Sylvia Õunpuu, MSc, Mausam Patel, MS,
Matthew Solomito, BSBE and Janet Tate, PhD§; AJSM, August '09

The researchers came to the conclusion based on the kinematic and kinetic data that the rising incidence of shoulder and elbow injuries in pitchers may not be caused by the curveball mechanics. The fastball actually produced higher shoulder & elbow moments.

Coach Korn told me this decades ago. The way he teaches it, you use the whole body to throw it, not just just the wrist & elbow. However, he chooses not to teach it until the high school years because he feels developing sound throwing mechanics comes first. He is officially retired as of last month. What will we do without him?

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