Friday, July 25, 2008

Tweak out/Tweak in- L Knee MCL

The pictures to the left are two examples of using chain reaction biomechanics to unload or load the left knee MCL. I am choosing top down drivers- I could have chosen bottom up depending on the goals of my rehab session. Both movements involve a LLE lunge. On the top, I'm using a BUE reach to my left lateral ankle. You can see the net effect is a varus load. I'm recruiting plenty of the knee's friends, including the glutes, hamstrings, erector spinae et al. I am unloading the MCL. So, this is an exercise which may be included in the early phases of rehab. On the bottom, I am using a LUE R rotational reach underneath my armpit; and a RUE overhead L lateral reach. The net effect is a valgus load, loading the MCL. Now I've reduced the contribution of the muscles mentioned above and forced the knee muscles to do more work. This is an exercise which might be included in the later phases of rehab. An example of high tech/low budget rehab using ground, gravity, momentum, and the wisdom of the body.

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The Iron Maven said...

Coolio, Joe! It is about time. So happy to have you speaking out. I'm going to learn a bunch and have some cobwebs swept away. Woot! I am so tired of the SSDD and the political junk between groups. Let's just make people better.