Thursday, July 31, 2008

If you only have a hammer...

If you only have a hammer, then everything becomes a nail= you cannot address shoulder MDI with manual therapy alone! It is primarily a neuromuscular dysfunction that requires an athlete centered, long term plan- with plenty of cooperation from the coach. Google "the volume trap" and a great article will come up from Vern Gambetta that every coach should read. If your coach has fallen head first into it, then the best thought out plans will not work. Changing length tension relationships with some laser, MET and MF release only temporarily make the shoulder look and feel better.
Don't assume because you've taken an NASM or NSCA course you are prepared for this. Hint: Sticking an exercise band or a dumbbell in their hand is the worst place to start.
There are no quick fixes here- repeat the mantra.


JH said...


I searched google for that article but was unsuccessful finding it. Any other suggestions where I could get it to read?

Jonathan Hewitt ATC

PS Great Blog!!

Joe Przytula said...

Jonathan & others interested. Go to the following article and scroll down to "principles of overload".