Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ACL Rehab, Minuteman Style

My GAIN compadre Bill Knowles uses the term, “Rehab the athlete, not the injury”. In that vein, I begin by mobilizing the hips & ankle. Why? I suspect an old unresolved ankle sprain & a hypomobile hip (usually go hand in hand) left the knee with no where to go but injury city. Notice I use the L hip to influence the R hip flexors (I’ll explain why in a later blog). Warmup next: med ball chop series in a narrow R/L stride stance followed by Oregon sway drill. Then, I begin my rehab circuit. The theme for this session is improving his movement quality & developing position specific strength & work capacity.

-3 minutes rockfit trainer
-20 R/L SLS
-dot drill hop/stick/hold
-hurdle over/under/crawl
-10 scissor burpees.

3M rest between each lap
5X around the circuit.
Broken hurdles I got from the track coach, $0.
Rockfit Trainer I purchased off the discount rack 10 years ago, $8.
7lb. medball, $25.
Roll of tape, $.75.
Portable table I got for free at a speaking engagement, $0.
Building & executing the best ACL rehab program money can't buy , priceless.

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sportsmedguy23 said...

Great job with todays post, awesome ideas, couldn't ask for a better way to start my day.

Said it yesterday & I'll say it again, I'm so glad you started this. Love being able to peak into your brain a bit and to see what you're currently up to.

Hope all is well and youre enjoying the calm before the storm.

Pat Donovan