Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Colleagues contact me all the time and ask me what they think about this or that website.  Don't have an opinion. I'm not really a website kind of guy. It's like a hunter aiming for where the rabbits already been. I read a few blogs by people who inspire me like Vern and Tracy.  My blog is a reflexion of me. The TR is my lab, and I use whats in my toolbox to enhance athletic development from my end as an A.T. I never profess to have all the answers. Things arise that I don't have answers for, and I look to the journals not for answers, but to see if there are others who are seeing the same that I am, and what their approach is.

I will say this- the functional approach does not work with everyone. Those who seem to be the most resistant are those with an external locas of control and don't believe the power to heal is already inside them.

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