Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More good news on IASTM

It is looking more & more like this stuff has a place in the ATC's toolbox. From the APTA combined sections meeting:

Instrument Assisted Cross Fiber Massage Improves Blood Flow Following Knee Ligament Injury Suggesting Enhanced Angiogenesis- Loghmani et al/ Indiana USA

Graston Technique was applied for ONLY 1 MINUTE 3X PER WEEK FOR 3 WEEKS to lab rats surgically transcected MCL's. Showed vasodialation through the ligament beginning 24 hrs post treatment, and lasting 1 week upon it's cessation.

Just finished an email discussion with fellow functional ATC/GAINer Kevin Moody regarding patellar tendinosis etiology & treatment. The effected area is usually at the bone/tendon interface where blood flow is the poorest. I've been using this as an adjunct since the fall with good results.

Of course more good double blind placebo studies are needed in the human population. But sports medicine has always been practitioner driven, and a little kitchen chemistry appears to be safe and in order. This is how we roll at GAIN.

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