Friday, January 29, 2010

Any old timers remember this article?

Going back to my student A.T. days at Montclair U. back in the late 70's...there was an article in an old NATA journal called "balance padding for the athlete". It was part of this great lecture series that Schering-Plough used to do. I cut it out and held on to it for decades until it finally got tossed out with an old file cabinet. It was an idea that pre dated orthotics, the concept of placing materials in a shoe to treat various foot conditions. It was a great tool for athletic trainers! A cheap, low tech tool for athletic trainer to treat everything from neuromas to sprained ankles. I forget what material the author suggested, but I used different sizes of felt & it worked just fine. Any suggestions on how I can dig this up?


Fredrick said...

Hey Joe. I'm a new faculty member at MSU and former HS ATC from the south. I think the article you seek is in the MSU library. You may have luck with the interlibrary loan program. Is this the paper you seek?

Article:Balance padding of the athlete.
Author: Whitney, A.K.
Journal:Athletic training
Volume: 16
Issue: 2

Joe Przytula said...

Thanks for hunting this down!