Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pivot Lunges

Great for LE rehab. They are close chain, and tons of variations you can do.
I'm using them now for an athlete with a grade 3 inversion ankle sprain that disappeared on me for 2 weeks. When he returned that ankle was totally gunked up & ROM dysfunctions in all planes. With plenty of ART, joint mobes, manipulation; and with the help of youth; they are coming along just great. We did pivot lunges today.
I used them to increase his dorsiflexion ROM. Lunging posterior to anterior, then reverse with his non-involved leg. The posterior part of the lunge was not a problem. However, I was careful not to go too deep into the transformational zone on the anterior lunge, and force dorsiflexion he does not yet have. I placed a piece of tape on the floor at approximately mid stride to ensure that.
Then I added in upper extremity drivers to influence the ankle top down. I went with the frontal/transverse planes to complement the bottom up sagittal plane drive.


Kev said...

What is the difference between a lunge and a pivot lunge? Thanks!

Joe Przytula said...

Lets say I'm doing a L pivot lunge. My left foot remains stationary, while the right lunges. It may lunge ant/post, med/lat, R/L rotational or any vector in between. I even use them with crutches/partial weight bearing (think I posted on this back in the fall)

Kev said...

So similar to the Gary Gray balance-reach matrix stuff .... only with a lunge?