Friday, May 22, 2009

L Groin Pain

While others are already on their way to the Jersey Shore for the extended memorial day weekend, I'll be lucky if I get Sunday off. But, here's an interesting one.
One of our basketball players comes stops in complaining of L groin pain. He claims the pain began shortly after a fall onto his L glut while being low bridged during an AAU game. His butt was pretty sore for a few days, but he didn't think anything of it. A few days later, his L groin began to inexplicably hurt. After ruling out L1 involvement, I dug in further.
The fall caused a left anterior innominate that is interfering with his hip flexion. My plan is:
1. Plenty of myofascial release to the L dorsal sacral ligs & glut.
2. MET to correct the innominate.
3. Modalities to treat the muscle irritation.
Any ideas for an exercise program to to keep the correction? Is there such a thing?
And don't say a BRIDGE.
(I'm not being sarcastic here- I'll explain why it's inappropriate in my next post).


Jerimiah said...

Anything with Single limb balance. Ball tosses, good mornings any thing that gets his pelvis to resist rotation.

JH said...

Ok, how about a mini lunge (saggital) with arms overhead. As the lunge is performed have them perform trunk extension. Not sure if this one exercise will work. May need to do some assist pelvis rotation (tranverse plane). Also can put the lead foot on a 6 inch step.