Thursday, February 5, 2009

Talk at the Berra Center

Paul Reddick & Frank C. started it off with a demo of their 3D video analysis program for pitchers. Pretty cool stuff, picture if you had about 20 hands that were fast enough to follow the athlete's body around with a goniometer while they throw.

I began with a brief history of the kinetic chain concept (as seen previously on this blog). I then went on to back it up with some up to date fascial sling stuff to back it up. Next a demo of a few movement screens I typically use. I finished with an FMR technique to mobilize the L hip for throwers, and the warmup our pitchers at EHS use.

I explained to the group that I don't use the thrower's 10 program all that much. Only as a "milk-down" to relieve soreness the day after pitching. I was surprised I didn't get any flak. Either everyone was sleepwalking (it is the beginning of a new NATA CEU period, so that is possible); or maybe some just aren't satisfied with the results either and are looking for something new.

It was great to catch up with my old pals Al Errico, Carl Hensal, and John DiAndrea- some of the only guys left from when I first got into the profession in 1982. Thank you John Davis for giving me the opportunity to speak, and all your student A.T.'s that helped out.

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