Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More TFL

Great job everyone on your comments. You understood what I was getting at. We often get treatment orders from orthopedists restricting this or that, but it doesn't mean we can't stay functional & weight bearing. Rehab the athlete, not the injury.
By creating inversion in the ipsilateral foot, either by UE or LE drivers, we would be following the tx orders of "tweaking out" the TFL. However, getting creative gave us many more options than the unidirectional, uniplanar, proprioceptively impotent, gravity confused "clam".
Now we can even go aerobic here! We'll use my idea of placing the foot in inversion by propping up the medial foot with a towel; JH & Brian's idea of shoulder height BUE arm drivers toward the affected side; now combining this with SP contralateral single leg ant./post. lunges. Maybe add a 5lb. dumbbell to the mix.
OK, I know there are those of you who are saying, "by blocking that femoral IR, aren't you also inhibiting the TP load to the glutes too?" One way around this I can think of- same exercise, an exercise band around the ankles.


Brian said...

Blocking TP load of glutes...? Band around ankles...?

Joe Przytula said...

Chain reaction=foot supinates=external rotation of tibia=external rotation of femur. Opposite leg lunge= R/L pelvic rotation enhanced by band. Good aerobic effect too.

JH said...

Do you have any pics?

Brett said...

Little but Interesting One!
Mesh Sponge