Friday, January 23, 2009

Rehab Session Management

...this is something that is probably not important to the collegiate or clinical ATC. It is not taught in any A.T. college curriculum, that I know of (please tell me if I am wrong). You are all by yourself and you have one classroom period to rehab 5 different athletes with 5 different injuries in various stages of healing. Here's an example of how I get it done. I think if you click on the image you can enlarge it.


JH said...

I've gotta share this story. I had a VB player come up to me the otehr day and tell me that her knee was hurting. So I asked if she were getting treatment for it. She said yes. So I asked, what are they doing for you. The answer,"I am doing a straight leg raise with 5 lbs on my ankle." This VB player has no noticeable limp, na dis able to stand from sitting without pain or other aggrevating symptoms.

I have to say I was not happy.

bbovee said...

Joe- I dont know if you ever read a while back in the comments but someone found that they are making the rockfit under a different name now and is quite a bit more than $10. For more information please check out

Joe Przytula said...

Yeah- I bookmarked the website. Great way to hit the sagittal & frontal planes from the bottom up in a "close chain" manner. I'm definately picking up a few more! Try it with ankle & knee sprains!

Kev said...

I've tried Googling the Rockfit but was never able to find it. I followed up on bbovee's link and lo and behold my wife has one of the Wave boards at home. Perhaps I'll hold it hostage for awhile in my ATR and give it a try.