Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In simplicity there is beauty

This is a typical afternoon scene at my high school. I set up a rehab circuit on the corner of the field turf. A soccer game is going on in the distance. The athlete pictured is working on a 3 day old grade 1 hyperextended R knee. As you can see, the athlete came in her street clothes, unaware cocktail hour was over. Ay Dios mio! Que gente! She soon regretted it.

-45 second sprint @ 120 RPM's on the stationary bike

-miniband carioca step R/L 30 yards.

-Rockfit, 1 minute

-5" R leg close chain stepup & return (Rockfit upside down), 10 reps each leg

-In R stride stance, BUE rotational reach to R lateral ankle/overhead press with 3lb. dumbbells, 10 reps.

-10 pushups, pivoting off distal thighs.

-3 minute rest

5X around the circuit.

By the way, don't think I'm getting fancy. The stationary bike I found in the trash in back of the junior high. I purchased about 30 bucks worth of parts out of my pocket and moved it over to our field house.

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