Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yoga & Rotator Cuff Rehab

Thank you Tracy Fober PT (www.ironmaven.blogspot.com) for the heads up on this article:


This variation of a traditional Yoga posture was found to be more effective than traditional physical therapy in treating rotator cuff tears.  I don't think there is anything magic about the technique.  It is very similar to the wall slides I have described previously in this blog. The concept of shortening lever arms, unloading the shoulder by way of the hand resting on a wall, and changing the limbs orientation to gravity gets the shoulder back into its envelope of function & helps normalize muscle recruitment patterns.  I'll often add lower extremity drivers to the hand motion to enhance the exercise.  I tried linking some of my old posts on the topic but the search command doesn't seem to work very well.

Sorry by the way about my lack of posting, they will probably be scarce for the next few weeks as we get the fall sports rolling here at EHS.


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