Sunday, July 17, 2011

2nd Annual ATSNJ Concussion Summit

Some great points made by Dr. Robert Cantu, will not know the true severity of a concussion until the athlete returns to their baseline.
...concussions are not created equal.  One may be too many, while three may not necessarily prevent an athlete from future competition.
...the football helmet will never be the end all in concussion prevention.
...the most sever concussions involve blows directly to the head.

Neuropsychologist Reuben Echemndia presented research indicating post concussion neurocognitive testing (Impact et al) is beneficial even in the absence of baseline testing.

At the roundtable discussion I asked the possibility, based on the research by Sandra Black and David Viano, of neck strengthening playing a role in concussion prevention.  The consensus was, at least from a theoretical standpoint, yes.  But what kind??

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