Thursday, June 2, 2011

In the end, it all comes down to Physical Competency

"The Effects of Exercise for the Prevention of Overuse Anterior Knee Pain : A Randomized Controlled Trial"- Coppack et all, AJSM 6-11.

Pretty simple, 4 PRE's & 4 static stretches caused a 75% reduction in anterior knee pain among military recruits.  Some of the exercises were "functional", & some were not.  What I found interesting was 3 of Kelvin Giles' PCA assessments (although not referred to by name) were used as exercises.  As budgets tighten & P.E. programs begin to disappear we see the decline of physical competency & literacy.  You cannot have a decent athletic development program without it.  Depending on the task at hand, it could be a knee injury, a shoulder, back etc.  Let's not get so nit picky with our assessments that we lose site of the big picture.  Do they have the right stuff or don't they?  And if they don't, weave it in to their return to play repertoire.  Believe me, the greatest gift you can give an injured athlete is to let them leave you a little more athletic then when they came in.


Brian Green said...

I haven't looked at this yet. Curious, was the knee to wall test to measure ankle DF included? Did they find that a decrease or asymmetry to the uninvolved? The notion that the ankle should be a mobile segment seems to make some sense. What do you think? Perhaps there's a connection with long term use of ankle tapping (closed gibney)could lead to problems up the chain.

Yes, however not the best site to navigate. Here is a more direct link:

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Joe Przytula said...

Yeah I would have definately added the ankle dorsiflexion test. But the ones they used were SLS, hamstring, & forward lunge.

Thanks for the links-will post.

Brian Green said...

You may also want to post that our friend Dr. Garrett Coughlan (NN's) has finally been dragged outta the comforts of the ivory pillars of academia and into the real and dirty world of our business. Would like to welcome Dr. NN's to the Irish Rugby Football Union he will be a huge plus to our set up!